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Board of Directors

President's Message, 2016

If you’re reading this, you already have an interest in this fabulous community and its many unique people, organizations and businesses. Since my first introduction to the Topanga Chamber of Commerce, I knew I was in for a treat. This particular group is passionate, driven and a little on the wild side—all things I like.


Shortly after I was elected, I was sorting through the Chamber archives and discovered this little gem published in the Topanga Journal more than 60 years ago: “The Chamber is dedicated to the proposition of improving our community thru unselfish and cooperative action.”


What was true then, is true today.
My intention as Chamber president is to promote a spirit of collaboration within our community. I fully support the businesses, civic organizations and individuals in Topanga and its surrounding communities. As I work towards helping our members in realizing their goals through the resources of our Chamber, I ask in return that you help your Chamber by supporting our community in those endeavors that improve and protect the land, wildlife and deep-rooted culture of Topanga residents.


I heartily encourage civic participation among our Chamber members. Yes, it is a Chamber of Commerce and we are all in business. At the same time, I believe that it’s not always about our own financial bottom line. A membership in the Chamber is also about the social and ecological bottom line.


There is great value in maintaining and improving our community, personally and financially. We stand on the shoulders of those who went before and will strive to maintain the values of 60 years ago as the sturdy foundation of today’s Chamber as it practices “unselfish and cooperative action” within the community it serves.

As president, I want to hear what you have to say and hope that you’ll take every opportunity to contact me directly to discuss your ideas or suggestions.

– Jenni Billings, President |


Jenni Billings is co-­owner and customer friend­maker for Sparky Firepants, creating custom decorated apparel, unique gifts of art and original illustration. Jenni’s background is in children’s art education and graphic design. She has led and served community groups and civic organizations in Arizona, New York, Oregon, and California since 1985. Jenni volunteers regularly with Topanga Youth Services, Heal the Bay, and Topanga Days. She is a mother to three, a homeschooler, vegan and an advocate for protecting wildlife and the environment.


Ron graduated from Eckerd College with an honors in American Studies and then attended law school at USC. While there, he interned for a semester with the California Court of Appeal. After earning his law degree, began practicing law in Los Angeles, soon handling personal injury matters, which he found very rewarding. He opened the Law Offices of Ronald Fomalont in 1994, with a primary office in Woodland Hills and a satellite office in Century City.

He hikes often with his family in the Santa Monica Mountains and is active in the local Chamber of Commerce, as well being board member for a local environmental organization active in the Santa Monica Mountains.

Ron Kramer


Ron is the president and founder of Kramer Accountancy Corporation located at Pine Tree Circle, in Topanga Canyon. Ron graduated from California State University, Northridge with a BS in Accounting in 1983. He worked in public accounting for 10 years before forming Kramer Accountancy Corporation in 1993.  Ron is also a registered investment advisor as well as an insurance agent.  Ron has helped many Topangans with tax, investment and insurance services for many years.


Heather Bryant is an Event Coordinator in Topanga Canyon.  Since 2011, she has worked on many local festivals and events, including Topanga Days Country Fair, Reggae On The Mountain, Topanga Film Festival, Topanga Folk Festival, Canyon Sages Autumn Craft Boutique Fundraiser, Conquering Cancer Concert, and served as the Event Chair for the Topanga Chamber of Commerce in 2015.  She has a nine-year background in film and television production and is a member of the Producer’s Guild of America.  She loves Topanga Canyon, and hopes that the community will join in in celebrating all that it has to offer!



1975 to 1984 Elektra Asylum Records
1984 to 1987 Realtor with Rodeo Realty Beverly Hills
1987 to 1990 Commercial real estate & Property Management
1990 to 2007 Mortgage Broker
2007 to present Insurance broker Searchlight Insurance Services

Having my business in Topanga is very rewarding, not only for the business contacts but more importantly it has allowed me to get to know the people and the values of Topanga.  It is an honor to be one of the board members of the Topanga Chamber of Commerce.


Joseph is a long time resident of Topanga Canyon and a former Chamber Board President. He currently works to keep the business community acquainted with important matters concerning local government and environmental concerns.

Also a travel journalist and broadcaster, Joseph  operates the multi-media organization, TRAVELSCOPE® dedicated to educating travelers about other cultures, and travel destinations. The program plays regularly on PBS and has received several Emmy awards and nominations.