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Morning Mixers for 2019
2nd Wednesday of each month, 8 – 9:45am


June 12 – Presenter: Mary Crescenzo & Paul Mesches

Join art advocates Paul Mesches and Mary Crescenzo for an informational/musical presentation highlighting their work as artists, educators, and community arts consultants. Their multidisciplinary approach reflects their individual and collaborative endeavors as producers, instructors, performers, writers, editors and curriculum developers.


Location: Inn of the 7th Ray, 128 Old Topanga Canyon Road
$2 beverage/ $4 bagel or pastry / $8 hot breakfast. $12 for all.



Evening Mixers for 2019
Last Thursday of each month, 6 – 8pm

Please note, this May’s evening mixer hours are 6:30 – 8:30pm


May 30th – Member Hosts: Topanga Symphony

The Topanga Symphony Quartet will perform at the May 30th Chamber of Commerce Evening Mixer.
Beginning their 37th Season, the next FREE Topanga Symphony concert will be held June 23rd at 7:30 P.M. at the Topanga Community Center.


Location: 21279 Entrada Rd. Topanga, CA 90290 Parking is at the turnout at upper Encina and Entrada.



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Topanga Canyon community resides in a mountainous enclave in Los Angeles surrounded by Topanga State Park, the largest wilderness area within a major city in the U.S.  The Topanga Chamber has it’s focus on “Destination Topanga” — a program that encourages visitors to enjoy all the wonderful things this business community has to offer.