Welcome to Topanga Canyon

Where business thrives…naturally!

Topanga Canyon (population approximately 10,000) is a scenic, recreational and natural resource accessible to all. A journey into Topanga along our main street, Topanga Canyon Boulevard (SR27) from the sea to the valley is a step into a world vastly different from the surrounding Los Angeles metropolis. Flanked by county, state and national parklands, Topanga is habitat to hundreds of species of birds, plants and animals, as well as home to one of California’s most vibrant, colorful and creative communities. Topanga’s diverse businesses offer a wide range of services, as well as numerous dining, entertainment, sports and arts-related opportunities. Along the Boulevard untold adventures continually unfold and as you renew, refresh and recreate yourself our business members will be there to serve you!

About Topanga’s Chamber of Commerce

Founded in 1948, the Topanga Chamber of Commerce is a dynamic community organization dedicated to serving Topanga residents, neighbors and visitors by prospering together, embodying Topanga’s spirit and preserving its unique way of life. 27 Things to Do on Scenic Route 27 is a descriptive guide for visitors that explains the many ways others can enjoy and experience what this unique community has to offer.​

Destination Topanga:
27 Things to do on Scenic Route 27

  1. Plan a hike to Eagle Rock, Mesa Overlook, or Backbone Trail for fabulous ocean views and great outdoor exercise, followed by something to eat at Café 27.
  2. Go on a group mountain bike ride with the folks at Topanga Creek Outpost.
  3. Experience Topanga’s healing tradition by booking with one of the many resident healers and wellness practitioners for massage therapy, acupuncture, flotation therapy, cranio-sacral therapy, or aromatherapy.
  4. Plan a weekend getaway of hiking, dining, theater and wellness at a local B&B, such as the Mountain Mermaid.
  5. Have a glass of wine at Rosenthal Wine Tasting on PCH and then take in the sunset on Topanga Beach.
  6. Walk a trail, listen to the birds, breathe in the scents and enjoy the wildlife on a docent walk in Topanga State Park surrounded by magnificent pines, eucalyptus, oaks and sage.
  7. Visit the Canyon Gourmet to pick up picnic delicacies. Watch hawks soar, listen to the calls of the coyotes, look at wildflowers. Take pictures, draw, sketch, hike.
  8. Visit Topanga Canyon Gallery at Pine Tree Circle, with monthly art installations, then return in June for the iconic Artists’ Studio Tour visiting the artists in their home studios.
  9. Watch the passing parade and get to know our friendly Topangans over coffee and a french pastry at Café Mimosa.
  10. Give the kids a time to remember in one of the classes at Cali-Camp or Theatricum Botanticum.
  11. Enjoy bistro dining at Canyon Bistro with No-Corkage Fee Wednesdays and Jazz Friday nights.
  12. Enjoy breakfast or lunch and the spirit of Topanga at Café 27, whose name honors our California Scenic Highway..
  13. Stretch out and cool down at a Yoga Desa class and tap into crystal power at Topanga Rocks.
  14. Get married or renew your vows at The 1909Inn of the Seventh Ray, the Mountain Mermaid or Rosewood.
  15. Visit Topanga State Park, the largest wild land within the limits of any metropolis in the country.
  16. Enjoy dinner at Inn of the Seventh Ray, with organically grown and locally sourced foods served overlooking the creek.
  17. Celebrate at one of our many festivals, such as Topanga Days, The Reggae Festival or Topanga Film Festival..
  18. Attend a potluck offered quarterly by the Topanga Historical Society and get up close with the Topanga of former times.
  19. Become a Friend of the Topanga Symphony and attend one of their regular programs of free concerts, four times a year since 1982. Check their calendar for their performances.
  20. Have you always wanted to ride a horse? Topanga has it all, from world class hunter jumpers and dressage trainers, lessons for kids and adults, polo, casual trail rides, natural horsemanship trainers, and everything in between. The hills of Topanga are classic horse country.
  21. De-stress, revitalize and reconnect body-mind-heart-soul by registering for a Porchia’s WISH Life in Balance Holistic Wellness Retreat in Topanga.
  22. Try some exploratory spiritual shopping at Jalan Jalan Importsthe Buhtan Shop or the Spiral Staircase for ways to create your own home Zen sanctuary.
  23. Take a Sunday to connect with local realtors. Visit all the Open Houses of homes for sale. Topanga residences are unique and who knows? You may find your dream home. Drive to the tops of the hill on every street off Topanga Canyon Blvd. and enjoy the astounding views.